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Science and Math as Pathways to Careers in STEAM

In the future, almost every industry will adopt the use of AI in some way, meaning that careers in AI, Data Science, and STEAM will be in high demand.

At DataEthics4All, we want to raise the next generation of Ethics 1st Champions who will be prepared for this change and who will put ethics first in their practices. We also want to make the pathways into this field accessible to everyone, no matter their circumstances or abilities!

As such, in this week’s newsletter, we decided to discuss some of the pathways into STEAM and how we can help you get there.

Mathematics is a great direct pathway into a career in AI, Data Science, or any of the STEAM subject. It is a topic that underlays the fundamental pillars of machine learning, engineering, and many more professions.

With a background in mathematics, your options for entering the world of STEAM careers are endless! An understanding of math can be very advantageous in fields such as natural language processing, data visualization, deep learning, and programming – just to name a few. It can also open up opportunities for a creative career in STEAM, with a background in math being in demand for careers in animation, web and product design, and architecture!

The study of science is also really valuable when considering a career in STEAM – science focuses on understanding the working of everything, and technology provides the tools for us to gain that understanding, so the two go hand in hand! The use of AI in the natural sciences is constantly increasing – AI tools are being used to personalize medication, spot supernovas, and mimic neural networks! There are also a growing number of opportunities to study interdisciplinary degrees focusing on a combination of the natural sciences and AI – so science is a very favorable route.

However, whilst great choices, math and science are not the only options for those wanting to pursue a career in STEAM, and at the DataEthics4All Foundation, we want to raise awareness of the non-linear pathways to these careers and make them accessible!

So, we’ve re-defined STEAM to include not only the traditional pathways of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, but also non-linear pathways, including Sociology, Technical Education, Ethics, Analytics, and Mentoring so that everyone can pursue their chosen career even if the traditional subjects aren’t their passion.

With this in mind, we have created the Research and Build Program, through which high school students can be matched with one of our mentors in 1:1 sessions while developing research or coding projects.

Our aim is to help bridge the data, AI, and ethics literacy gap. This project is an opportunity for students to get experiential learning while being mentored by college students and professionals in the fields of AI, Data Science, and STEAM.

Our program is a useful option for those still undecided about their career paths, as well as those who are slightly unsure and want to gain some experience in their potential field first, and those who are set on their path and want some help getting there!

If you would like more information, visit our website and reach out with your questions. To read the original article, posted as part of our newsletter on LinkedIn, through this link.

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