Student Application: DataEthics4All's STEAM in AI & Data Science Research and Build Program
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Program Dates: All Year Round or Summer Intensives

The STEAM in AI Research and Build program is made up of 10 One Hour Sessions spread out during the school year + 1 Mentor Intro Session. Students meet with their mentor once every 3-4 weeks during the school year to discuss project updates, goals, and next steps to work in between their meetings. We accept students throughout the year. Students can choose to meet with their mentors, based upon mentor's availability, more frequently and complete their project in as little as 3 months. We also accept Students for our Summer Intensives where students complete their projects in 2-3 months of Summer.

Highlights of this Program

1. Research or Build

Choose to do Research, or Build an iPhone/Android App or work on a Data Science/ Al Challenge in an area of interest.

2. Your Project. Your Choice.

No Coding or Research Experience needed to enroll in this Program and is truly designed for all High School Students. If you do have coding or data science experience, you'll get an opportunity to build upon what you already know.

3. Opening Doors

Making high paying Data and AI careers accessible through hands-on career exploration.

4. Access to Mentors

Choose 1:1 or a Group Project to work with a Mentor in Data Science and AI. Our Mentors are College Students and Industry Professionals.

5. Role Models

Data and AI Mentors to look up to, admire and aspire to become.

6. College Applications

Share a great story on your College Applications based on your learning, challenges encountered, and experience gained from this hands on project and stand out.

Your Role as a Mentee

As a participating student in the mentorship program, you’ll want to be responsible to meet with your mentor when you agree to and work on goals you discuss in between your meetings so you’re ready for the next task. It’s your responsibility to agree on dates/times to meet with your mentor that work for the both of you and not miss any meetings, or reach out to your mentor ahead of time to reschedule. Through this program we hope to pass from mentor to mentee ways and methods to approach a new problem you aren’t familiar with, how to look at a problem from different perspectives, how to read papers, organizing results/work, and presenting findings.

About You

Student Information

About Your School

Are you interested in a Research or a Build Project?

Both Research and Build Projects could use Data Science or Artificial Intelligence in any area of Your interest: Engineering, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Policy, Business, Arts, Music, Sports and more.

Project Topics and Ideas that interest You

Your Strongest Skills

Your Career Path

GPA, Test Scores Achievements and Awards

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You can say 'Not Applicable' if it's work in progress.
You can say 'Not Applicable' if it's work in progress. if it's work in progress.

STEAM in AI - Your Path to College

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Working with your Mentor

Demographic Information

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Our Nonprofit DataEthics4All 501(c)(3) EIN 85-3148963 provides need based Scholarships to Students to participate in the STEAM in AI Program.

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