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STEAM in AI: 3 Tracks to choose from


1. Foundation Track - $2,985

AI Ethics + Data Science + Data Analytics + Data Visualization

Designed for Students in Middle and High School (Grades 7-12)


2. Master Track $3,495

AI Ethics + Data Science + Coding + AI Model Building

Designed for Students in High School (Grades 9-12)


3. Full Immersion Track -$4,495

AI Ethics + Data Science + Coding + AI Model Building + Research

Designed for Students in High School and College (Grades 9-12, College Freshman or Sophomore)



Optimal Student Learning Path

We strongly recommend our Students to start with the Foundation Track.

Then build upon the knowledge with the Master Track.

Finally, finish strong with the Full Immersion Track to maximize their learning opportunity and set them apart from their Peers.

Cohort Size and Meeting Frequency

Mentor to Student ratio per cohort is 1:5. Students meet with their Mentor every week. Duration of the Meeting varies by Program.

Virtual or In-person

The Program is 100% Virtual.

Highlights of this Program

1. Research and Build

The only Program that teaches students to conduct Research and work on a hands-on AI Project with an Ethics 1st Mindset.

2. Your Project. Your Choice.

No Coding or Research Experience needed to enroll in this Program and is truly designed for all Middle, High School and College Students. If you do have coding or data science experience, you'll get an opportunity to build upon what you already know.

3. Opening Doors

Making high paying Data and AI careers accessible through hands-on career exploration.

4. Access to Mentors

Work with a Mentor in Data Science and AI. Our Mentors are College Students and Industry Professionals.

5. Role Models

Data and AI Mentors to look up to, admire and aspire to become.

6. College Applications

Share a great story on your College Applications based on your learning, challenges encountered, and experience gained from this hands on project and stand out.

Your Role as a Mentee

As a participating student in the mentorship program, you’ll want to be responsible to meet with your mentor when you agree to and work on goals you discuss in between your meetings so you’re ready for the next task. Through this program we hope to pass from mentor to mentee ways and methods to approach a new problem you aren’t familiar with, how to look at a problem from different perspectives, how to read papers, organizing results/work, and presenting findings.