Student Application: DataEthics4All's STEAM in AI & Data Science Research and Build Program
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Program Dates: All Year Round

The STEAM in AI Research and Build program is made up of a minimum of 10 one hour sessions spread out during the school year. Students must meet with their mentor at least every 3-4 weeks during the school year to discuss project updates, goals, and next steps to work in between their meetings. We accept students throughout the year. Students can choose to meet with their mentors, based upon mentor's availability, more frequently and complete their project in as little as 3 months.

What is DataEthics4All's Definition of STEAM in AI?

The traditional definition of STEAM means Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. DataEthics4All's definition of STEAM also includes Sociology, Technical Education, Ethics, Analytics and Mentoring! Today, there exist many new linear as well as non-linear STEAM career paths that we'd like our students to be aware of and be able to take advantage of by choosing a career in STEAM whether or not Math, Science or Coding are their biggest passions. AI is going to be used in every Industry in the future from healthcare to construction and everything in between. DataEthics4All believes that combining the traditional with this new definition of STEAM will bring the much needed STEAM in AIᵀᴹ!!

Your Role as a Mentee

As a participating student in the mentorship program, you’ll want to be responsible to meet with your mentor when you agree to and work on goals you discuss in between your meetings so you’re ready for the next task. It’s your responsibility to agree on dates/times to meet with your mentor that work for the both of you and not miss any meetings, or reach out to your mentor ahead of time to reschedule. Through this program we hope to pass from mentor to mentee ways and methods to approach a new problem you aren’t familiar with, how to look at a problem from different perspectives, how to read papers, organizing results/work, and presenting findings.

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If you're having trouble submitting this form, you may email us: shilpi@dataethics4all.org