Leigh High School Presents STEAM in AI Workshop

  /  Leigh High School Presents STEAM in AI Workshop

Bay Area Leigh High School Presents

Free STEAM in AI Workshop

AI Ethics Lecture + STEAM in AI Challenge for coders and non-coders

STEAM in AI Challenges by DataEthics4All Foundation are innovative Challenges designed for middle and high school students, focused on introducing them to the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its ethical implications without learning how to code.

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An opportunity to Work on a real life problem, Create social impact, Earn volunteer hours, Get a certificate of participation and Learn AI skills needed for Jobs of the future!

Leigh High School Presents STEAM in AI

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STEAM in AI Workshop

Event Date and Time

Date: Thursday, April 18th, 2024

Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time

Event Venue

Venue: Leigh High School, 5210 Leigh Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124

What to Bring

Please bring your Laptops to participate in this Challenge.


1:00 pm – Welcome

1:05 pm – 2:00 pm – Introduction to AI Ethics

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm – Working on the STEAM in AI Challenge

3:00 pm – 3:15 pm – Break

3:15 pm – 4:00 pm – Winners Selection, Resources and Continued Learning

STEAM in AI Challenges are uniquely crafted to prepare students for future careers in AI and related fields, without requiring any prior coding experience.

A key aspect of these challenges is their emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education, integrating these disciplines in a way that is engaging and accessible for young learners.

The challenges often involve real-world problems where students must apply AI concepts to come up with creative solutions.

This approach not only enhances their understanding of AI but also promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and ethical decision-making skills.

By tackling these challenges, students learn about the impact of AI on society, the importance of ethical considerations in technology development, and the broader implications of AI in various fields.

An added benefit of participating in these challenges is the opportunity for students to earn volunteer hours. These hours contribute towards the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA), a prestigious recognition in the United States. The PVSA honors individuals who have dedicated significant time to volunteer service, encouraging a spirit of civic responsibility and community involvement.

Please Note: There is an eligibility criteria for PVSA.( PVSA is a program of AmeriCorps managed by Points of Light)

Students who are not eligible for the PVSA will still earn Volunteer Hours by DataEthics4All Foundation.

By participating in the STEAM in AI Challenges, students not only enhance their educational experience and prepare for future careers but also make meaningful contributions to their communities and earn recognition for their volunteer efforts.

In summary, STEAM in AI Challenges for middle and high schoolers provide a comprehensive introduction to AI and its ethical dimensions, foster key skills for future job markets, and offer a pathway to earning volunteer hours for the PVSA.

These challenges represent a unique blend of education, service, and preparation for the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

STEAM in AI Challenges are for everyone – even students who do not want to learn how to code but want to understand how AI works and how it impacts them and society on a day to day basis.

AI Literacy Act + STEAM in AI

Right before the holidays, two US congressional representatives (Rep Lisa Blunt-Rochester – D-Del and Rep Larry Bruschon – R-Ind) introduced the AI Literacy Act – a step towards ensuring AI Literacy as a critical component of Digital Literacy for every American. You can find a summary of the bill here.

What is The AI Literacy Act and Why Should You Care?

The AI Literacy Act codifies AI literacy as a key component of digital literacy and creates opportunities to incorporate it into existing programs.

DataEthics4All Foundation is excited to support the AI Literacy Act and bring STEAM in AI Challenges to all our Partner Schools.

Want to bring STEAM in AI Challenges to Your School? Learn more about how You can become a Partner School.

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