A College Prep Intensive in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for High School Students

Developed by former Stanford and UC Berkeley Adjunct Professor, MIT Mentor $100K Entrepreneurship Competition, Data and AI Ethics Veteran from Silicon Valley.

STEAM in AI is a College Prep Intensive that matches a High School student with a Data and AI Expert for Career Mentoring and learning through a hands-on project. High School Students get an opportunity to learn about Data Science, build an AI Model and do Research in a small cohort with a strong emphasis on Ethics by Design.


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The duration of this Program developed by former Stanford, UC Berkeley Faculty, MIT Mentor is 10 Weeks. Students meet with their Mentor every week for 2 hours for a total of 20 hours in a small cohort. Mentor to Student ratio per cohort is 1:5. The Program is 100% Virtual. Each student in the cohort will get an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of data science, basics of coding, ethical framework and consideration in Data and Artificial Intelligence, build an AI Model and work on a group research paper. At the end of 10 Weeks, every Student will have a AI Project on Github and have their name as a contributor to the Research Paper. They will also earn a Certificate of Completion. Need-based Scholarships available.


Through STEAM in AI College Prep, Career Mentoring and Experiential Learning

Our Mission is to Raise the next generation of Ethics 1st Data and AI Champions

Data Scientists
Business Analysts
Policy Makers
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This Program can help you explore and narrow it down

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STEAM in AI is a Program brought by DataEthics4All Foundation

What is STEAM in AI?

The traditional definition of STEAM means Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. DataEthics4All Foundation's definition of STEAM also includes Sociology, Technical Education, Ethics, Analytics and Mentoring! Today, there exist many new linear as well as non-linear STEAM career paths that we'd like our students to be aware of and be able to take advantage of by choosing a career in STEAM whether or not Math, Science or Coding are their biggest passions. AI is going to be used in every Industry in the future from healthcare to construction and everything in between. DataEthics4All Foundation believes that combining the traditional with this new definition of STEAM will bring the much needed STEAM in AIᵀᴹ!!

We've taken into consideration these 10 important pillars of Artificial Intelligence

When developing our STEAM in AI College Prep, Research and Build Experiential Learning Program

Science and Technology

Science and Tech are the foundations of Artificial Intelligence. AI is built on mathematical models and algorithms that enable machines to learn and make decisions. It also requires a thorough understanding of the underlying scientific principles, such as data structures, computational statistics, and probability.


Engineering is also vital in AI, as it involves designing and developing intelligent systems. Engineers are responsible for building the software and hardware infrastructure that supports AI, including the development of new AI-based applications.


Art and design play a crucial role in AI as well. With the growing importance of human-computer interaction, it is essential to create user-friendly interfaces that people can easily understand and interact with. Art and design also help in creating visually appealing representations of data that can be understood by non-technical stakeholders.


Mathematics is at the core of AI, and many of the algorithms used in AI require advanced mathematical knowledge. Linear algebra, calculus, and probability theory are just some of the mathematical concepts that are essential in AI.


Sociology is the study of human behavior and social relationships, and it plays a vital role in AI. AI systems are designed to interact with people, and understanding human behavior and social relationships is critical in creating AI that is effective and meets the needs of users. By incorporating sociological principles in AI development, we can create systems that are more responsive to social and cultural contexts, making them more useful and acceptable to users.

Technical Education

Technical education provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement AI systems. Technical education helps students understand the underlying principles and technologies that are essential in AI development, such as computer programming, data analysis, and machine learning. Technical education also helps students learn how to apply these principles in real-world situations, making them better equipped to solve real-world problems using AI.


Ethics is critical in AI development because AI systems can have significant impacts on society. Ethical considerations, such as privacy, fairness, and accountability, need to be taken into account when developing and implementing AI systems. Incorporating ethics into AI development ensures that AI systems are developed responsibly and do not cause harm to individuals or society.


Analytics involves the use of data analysis to gain insights into complex systems. Analytics is critical in AI development because it helps us understand patterns and trends in data, which is essential in developing effective AI systems. By analyzing data, we can develop algorithms and models that are more accurate and reliable, making AI systems more effective.


Mentoring is essential in STEAM in AI because it provides students with the guidance and support they need to develop their skills and knowledge in AI. Mentors can provide students with insights into real-world applications of AI and help them develop practical skills that can be used in AI development. Mentoring also helps students develop critical thinking skills and learn how to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams, which is essential in AI development.

Integrating these 10 important Pillars is essential because it allows us to develop a holistic approach to AI development

Truly bringing the STEAM in AI

By incorporating these disciplines into AI development, we can create systems that are more effective, responsive to users' needs, and developed responsibly.


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DataEthics4All Foundation is a proud Engage Every Student Ally. Engage Every Student is a bold new call to action by the U.S. Department of Education to provide high-quality out-of-school time learning opportunities for every child who wants to participate.

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How STEAM in AI is preparing Students for Jobs of the Future

Read our Article on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Website on how DataEthics4Allᵀᴹ Foundation’s STEAM in AIᵀᴹ College Prep Research and Buildᵀᴹ Program is Building An Equity-Driven Workforce of the future.

How DataEthics4All Foundation STEAM in AI is building an equity driven workforce US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Take advantage of our Data and AI Ethics Ecosystem

Great Network of Data and AI Experts

DataEthics4All Foundation is a Presidential Volunteer Service Award Certifying Organization and has built a Community of 1200+ Data and AI Experts, Professionals and Peers from 55 Countries across the Globe.

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Our Community Platform is the first platform to offer Ethics 1st Data and AI Challenges for High School Students where they can network, learn about data and AI, earn Volunteer hours for participating in these challenges and if eligible earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for their Community Service.

And that's not all. High School Students can also earn Volunteer hours by starting a DataEthics4All Club at their school or sign up to be a STEAM in AI Ambassador.

DataEthics4All AI Youth Council

Unique Leadership opportunity for High School Students to earn a seat on the World's first Artificial Intelligence Council for Youth Leaders

A seat on the DataEthics4All Foundation's AI Youth Council is by invitation only. Students who have successfully completed the STEAM in AI College Prep Intensive, are DataEthics4All Club leaders, have earned a high number of Volunteer hours with DataEthics4All, participated in our Ethics 1st Data and AI Challenges, etc. have the opportunity to be invited to join our AI Youth Council, World's first Council on Artificial Intelligence for Youth Leaders.

Aligned with United Nation’s 8 Sustainability Development Goals

DataEthics4All Foundation is helping high school students explore STEAM and AI Career Pathways, prepare for careers and jobs of the future that don’t exist today to help build an equitable, diverse and inclusive future workforce.

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