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What is The STEAM in AI Hub?

STEAM in AI Hub is a Collection of Artificial Intelligence Resources for Educators and Students that provides a strong foundation of AI Ethics through experiential learning.

STEAM in AI is developed by former Stanford Adjunct Faculty and an AI Ethics thought leader.

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STEAM in AI Hub consists of a Community, Challenges, AI Educators Council, AI Youth Council, The Ethics 1st Data + AI Institute, on-demand Courses on AI, Town Halls, Webinars, Events and Content.

According to a recent article by Harvard Business Review; AI Skilling, Reskilling and Upskilling will take a Village.

STEAM in AI Hub is the Village.

Get access to the entire Village with one membership for each user.

Our goal through STEAM in AI is to Raise the Next Generation of Ethics 1st Data + AI Skilled Workforce.

STEAM in AI Challenges are specially designed AI Challenges to integrate into various subject curriculums.

These challenges aim to enhance students’ understanding of AI’s influence in diverse aspects of life and prepare them for future careers in AI and associated domains without requiring any prior coding experience.

Here’s a short list of Subjects where STEAM in AI Challenges can be integrated as part of the curriculum or for enhanced experiential learning.

STEAM in AI for Art

STEAM in AI for Art Curriculum

STEAM in AI for Business Studies

STEAM in AI for Business Studies Curriculum

STEAM in AI for Computer Science

STEAM in AI for Computer Science and Coding Curriculum

STEAM in AI for English

STEAM in AI for English Literature and Language Curriculum

STEAM in AI for Environmental Science

STEAM in AI for Environmental Science Curriculum

STEAM in AI for Mathematics

STEAM in AI for Maths Curriculum

STEAM in AI for Music

STEAM in AI for Music Curriculum

STEAM in AI for Biology and Chemistry

STEAM in AI for Sciences Curriculum

STEAM in AI for Social Studies

STEAM in AI for Social Studies Curriculum

STEAM in AI Challenges are designed for young minds to

understand the Social Impact of unethical AI

 and tackle World Challenges Today aligned with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

Here are some Social Impact Themes that STEAM in AI Challenges are designed for.

Transparency and Explainability

AI Training and Professional Development for Educators and School Leaders

Social Impact and Responsibility

Social Impact and Responsibility STEAM in AI

Healthcare and Well-being

Healthcare and Well-being STEAM in AI

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability STEAM in AI

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion STEAM in AI

Education and Access Equity

Education and Access Equity STEAM in AI

Anti-Bias Technology

Anti-Bias Technology STEAM in AI

Data Privacy and Security

Data Privacy and Security STEAM in AI

Autonomous Systems and Ethics

Autonomous Systems and Ethics STEAM in AI

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Why Become a STEAM in AI Partner

Sneak Peak into the STEAM in AI Hub

DataEthics4All Community

DataEthics4All Community

Home to Data + AI Leaders, Educators and Peers from 71 Countries across the globe. Educators, Students and Staff of Partner Schools get access to the DataEthics4All Community, a Private Group for Your School Team, access to STEAM in AI Challenges and the Institute that hosts on demand courses and resources on Data + AI Ethics.

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Give all Your Students an opportunity to learn AI Skills needed for all careers in the future, create social impact and earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award if eligible. (DataEthics4All volunteer hours if not)

AI Educators Council

Join the AI Educators Council

According to a recent survey by Education Week, most teachers are not using AI because they do not know how to use these tools, their district hasn’t outlined an AI policy, unsure about how to incorporate them into instruction and data privacy/ security concerns. The AI Educators Council is a place to talk about all of these and find solutions collaboratively.

STEAM in AI Challenges

STEAM in AI Challenges

Innovative AI Challenges designed for middle and high school students, focusing on introducing them to the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its ethical implications without learning how to code. New Challenges added frequently.

AI Youth Council


DataEthics4All Foundation’s AI Youth Council is the first AI Council designed for Youth Leaders. Active STEAM in AI Club Student Members may have the opportunity to be invited to join the AI Youth Council. The AI Youth Council is responsible for reviewing the STEAM in AI Challenge Submissions, Outreach and developing PET4Youth Courses for their Peers.

Ethics 1st Data + AI Institute

Ethics 1st Data + AI Institute

The Data Ethics Institute hosts many unique on-demand courses and video resources on Data + AI Ethics. Some course titles include: AI Ethics and Predictive Policing, Data Science 101, Natural Language Processing 101, Data Preprocessing, Microsoft Power BI, ML for Visual Datasets, Introduction to Java, Introduction to Visual Design, PET4Youth Courses and more.

Skill based AI Badges

Skill based AI Badges STEAM in AI

Opportunity to earn skill based AI Badges based on courses completed, articles written, community engagement, certificates earned, STEAM in AI Challenges completed and more.

Get Access to On-Demand Introductory Courses on Data + AI Ethics designed by our AI Youth Council for their Peers under the guidance of former Stanford Adjunct Faculty available to Earn a Certificate of Completion.

Introduction to Data + AI


In this course designed for Middle and High School Students, we discuss What data and AI are, why Data is useful to many different industries, what happens when Data and AI are misused? What happens when Data is wrongly interpreted by AI? and how AI can be used unethically.

Bias in Data


Bias has a high chance of being present in any data set, whether intentional or unintentional. The presence of bias can in many times lead to unreliable results, or even worse, results that don’t represent the population. This course will teach you about the different types of biases, why/where they occur, and the best ways to limit them.

Tech Impact on Youth


The AI Youth Council designed this Course because they wanted to educate their generation about modern tech. The same tech that we use everyday, and how it affects us, sometimes without even us realizing it. This is the first course in many more to come, and we hope that these will be useful to our peers when trying to learn and understand more about some of these difficult topics.

Be the first to know about all our Events:

Member Only, In-Person and Online

California Department of Education

Day of AI_Demystifying AI for CA Students by the California Department of Education_Speaker Shilpi Agarwal Founder and CEO DataEthics4All Foundation

In this Panel Discussion ‘Day of AI: Demystifying AI for CA Students‘ hosted by the California Department of Education, we discuss ‘Why does AI literacy matter for all students? How might educational leaders and teachers prepare students to build conceptual knowledge of AI, so they might participate in and contribute to our digital society productively?’

Pie & AI In-Person Event

Pie & AI My Journey into Tech it starts at High School by DataEthics4All Foundation SAP DeeplearningAI

We hosted the Pie & AI: San Francisco – Breaking into AI event as a Deeplearning.AI Ambassador. DeepLearning.AI was founded in 2017 by machine learning and education pioneer Andrew Ng to fill a need for world-class AI education. DataEthics4All Foundation brought this in-person Pie & AI Meetup for all Bay Area High School Students with the support of SAP.

California Department of Education

California Department of Education's Artificial Intelligence Series Data Collection + User Privacy

Panel discussion on ‘Learning with AI, Learning about AI on the topic of ‘Safety: Data Collection and User Privacyhosted by the California Department of Education. Learn the relevance of data collection and user privacy in regards to safety of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). Speakers from Common Sense Media and Shilpi Agarwal, Founder and CEO at DataEthics4All Foundation will share resources for administrators, educators, and students.

Town Halls


Get Invited to our unique DataEthics4All Community Member only Events like our Think Tank Town Halls where members from ages 12-70, from all ethnicities and professions come together to share their voice on current affairs related to Policy and Ethics in Data + AI. 

Ethics 1st Live


Be the first to learn about our Live Events on Policy and Ethics in Data + AI such as the our panel discussion on the ‘DELETE Act’ with Senator Josh Becker.


Navigating the College Admissions Process_ A Step-by-Step Guide

Enlightening Webinar Series: Your Journey into Data + AI Ethics. In this Webinar we delve deep into the holistic approach colleges take during the admissions process. While academic achievements are essential, colleges are increasingly valuing diverse experiences, character, and unique skills. Join us to uncover the myriad factors that can set an applicant apart and learn how to effectively showcase these attributes in your college application.

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STEAM in AI + The AI Literacy Act

AI Literacy Act + STEAM in AI

Right before the holidays, two US congressional representatives (Rep Lisa Blunt-Rochester – D-Del and Rep Larry Bruschon – R-Ind) introduced the AI Literacy Act – a step towards ensuring AI Literacy as a critical component of Digital Literacy for every American. You can find a summary of the bill here.

What is The AI Literacy Act and Why Should You Care?

The AI Literacy Act codifies AI literacy as a key component of digital literacy and creates opportunities to incorporate it into existing programs.

DataEthics4All Foundation is excited to support the AI Literacy Act and bring STEAM in AI Hub to all our Partner Schools.

Want to bring STEAM in AI Hub to Your School? Apply to become a Partner School.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a STEAM in AI Partner School

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