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Deep Learning at UPL LTD – Develop neural network models for image classification. – Segmentation of plant scab for disease detection – Image processing Business Analyst – Quantiphi – Data


  1. Image Processing and Facial Recognition
  2. Sentiment Analysis of Product Reviews
  3. Rainfall Prediction using Multilinear Regression
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Hi, my name is Dhruv and i know it’s hard to pronounce so you all can call me Dax. I’m a grad student joining SCU this fall22 CSE. I like football(soccer) and also love F1. Once I graduate I like to start my career in data science/ AI.


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Data Mining, NoSQL Database and Software Architecture are some topics that interest me. Seeing these new technologies from the eyes of young enthusiasts will give me a different perspective and meaning to my work.Strengthen my basics and foundation of the related subjectsNetwork with fellow volunteers to create a proactive community Having volunteered to teach High School students at Make a Difference, Bangalore. I believe my experience there can help me in this line of work.


  1. Tweeter tweets and unstructured data mining
  2. Topic modeling on public data sources and House Market price prediction


I am currently working as a business analyst at Quantiphi and will be joining SCU for fall 2022. Computer Science has always been my passion and I love to work on various technologies. I enjoy working with fellow students on building projects. Teaching and mentoring is something I have always fancied. I believe that everyone is entitled to the right to education and attaining knowledge and given an opportunity to guide someone to get better at a subject of their choice, I would do my best to help them out.


  1. Music genre classification


I am an incoming international student at SCU native to India and take interest in teaching computer programming to others.I believe in good design and user experience.Always keen on learning new skills and doing that over a few years has made me a quick learner.


  1. Predicting Housing Prices using regression based on variety of variables
  2. Identifying characters from images
  3. Some Celebrity’s tweet sentiment analysis


I’m a PhD student studying Computer Science and Engineering at Santa Clara University, with a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from SCU too. Throughout my Masters Degree and PhD Degree, I’ve taken classes on Pattern Recognition and Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Compute Vision. I do research in Computational Creativity and understanding biases in NLP models. I’ve been a Teaching Assistant for multiple upper division undergraduate courses, including AI, Machine Learning, and Operating Systems.


  1. Ethics in AI: A research paper for students to write about what AI is, how does it affect our lives, and what are ethical concerns in AI
  2. Common tools used in ML applied to Images: how to plot images with Matplot lib, how to extract the pixel info of each image, and how to use the Scikit library to cluster the colors of an image with it
  3. Understanding AI Applications: Exploring applications of AI and writing a paper that goes in depth on 1 specific application