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The Mentor Application is detailed. Please be prepared to submit project ideas for the track you're applying to mentor or be a TA/ RA for. You can save your progress and come back to finish later.

Please make sure that you're comfortable with your response to be public. We may use it in promotion: website, social media, etc.

DataEthics4All Foundation’s Research & Build College Prep Program matches a high school student with a Data and AI Expert for Cohort based Experiential Learning & Career Mentoring in Data Science, AI & STEAM that they’d perhaps pursue as a career.

Mentor's Role

Come up with 2 Project Ideas. Guide your mentees to learn how to learn. Through this program we hope to pass from mentor to mentee ways and methods to approach a new problem they aren’t familiar with, how to look at a problem from different perspectives, how to read papers, organizing results/work, and presenting findings.

Mentor's Time Commitment, Cohort Size and Meeting Frequency

Meet with your Cohort once every week for 10 weeks, 2 hours each for a total duration of 20 hours. The maximum Mentor to Student ratio per cohort is 1:5 One Mentor to 5 Students.

Learning Outcomes

Each student in the cohort will get an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of data science, basics of Python, ethical framework and consideration in Data and Artificial Intelligence, build an AI Model and work on a group research paper.

Final Output at the end of 10 Weeks

At the end of 10 Weeks, every Student will have a AI Project on Github and have their name as a contributor to the Research Paper.

Mentor's Pay

To ensure the highest quality of our STEAM in AI Program, we offer top compensation and generous pay to our Mentors. Pay Range is $25 - $100/ hour. Please fill out the Mentor interest form to learn more.

What we look for in our Mentors?

We recruit only the best. Please apply only if you think you are a highly proficient Data and AI Expert with experience in Data Science, AI model building and Research. You must also be good at knowledge transfer, teaching and being a great mentor who can empathize, share his/ her career experiences and guide students on Data and AI career pathways.

STEAM in AI Scholarships

DataEthics4All, our independent National Nonprofit 501(c)(3) is on a mission to break barriers of entry in Tech for Girls, People of Color and the economically disadvantaged and offers need based scholarships so students can take advantage of the STEAM in AI program at reduced or 100% free cost. Mentors who choose to work Pro Bono help us provide more Scholarships to need based students so they can attend the Program at no cost, thereby doing a great service to the Future Inclusive and Diverse Workforce Ecosystem. A great opportunity for College Students and Professionals to sign up as a Mentor, and create Impact.

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