Mentor Application: DataEthics4All's STEAM in AI & Data Science Research and Build Program
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DataEthics4All Foundation’s Research & Build College Prep Program matches a high school student with a College student/ Data and AI Professionals for 1:1 Experiential Learning & Career Mentoring in Data Science, AI & STEAM that they’d perhaps pursue as a career.

The program is designed for students thinking about STEAM careers such as Medicine or Engineering but also for careers in Business, Arts, Music, History, Physiology, Social Sciences, Policy and more because technology is going to intersect with all of those fields even more so in the future.

We’ve designed this Program to equip students with the skills they need for jobs that don’t exist today whether or not they consider themselves as Math or Coding Champions.

This is a great opportunity for high school students to sign up as a Mentee, learn about new nonlinear STEAM careers, get practical experience through a hands-on project in research, work with datasets or build an application and boost their profile for college applications.

DataEthics4All, our National Nonprofit 501(c)(3) is on a mission to break barriers of entry in Tech for Girls, People of Color and the economically disadvantaged and offers need based scholarships so students can take advantage of the STEAM in AI program at reduced or 100% free cost.

We're helping high school students explore STEAM and AI Career Pathways to help build an equitable, diverse and inclusive future workforce with Ethics 1st Tech Champions.

A great opportunity for College Students and Professionals to sign up as a Mentor, and create a Global Impact.

Mentors who choose to work Pro Bono help us provide more Scholarships to need based students so they can attend the Program at no cost, thereby doing a great service to the Future Inclusive and Diverse Workforce Ecosystem.

Mentor Info

Demographic Information

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Mentor's Role

Meet with your mentee: 1 introductory meeting + 10 times every 3-4 weeks for 1 hour over the duration of 6-10 months to help guide them with the next steps on their project. Guide your mentees to learn how to learn. Through this program we hope to pass from mentor to mentee ways and methods to approach a new problem they aren’t familiar with, how to look at a problem from different perspectives, how to read papers, organizing results/work, and presenting findings.

Program Dates: Ongoing throughout the year

You can also choose to work as a Paid Mentor and a Pro Bono Mentor. Pro Bono Mentors help us in providing more need based scholarships to students who get to attend the program at a reduced cost or for free.
A term is 6-10 months. You are expected to meet with each Mentee for an Introductory meeting and then 10 subsequent meetings during the course of 6-10 months for an hour each, every 3-4 weeks.

What is DataEthics4All's Definition of STEAM in AI?

The traditional definition of STEAM means Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. DataEthics4All's definition of STEAM also includes Sociology, Technical Education, Ethics, Analytics and Mentoring! Today, there exist many new linear as well as non-linear STEAM career paths that we'd like our students to be aware of and be able to take advantage of by choosing a career in STEAM whether or not Math, Science or Coding are their biggest passions. AI is going to be used in every Industry in the future from healthcare to construction and everything in between. DataEthics4All believes that combining the traditional with this new definition of STEAM will bring the much needed STEAM in AIᵀᴹ!!


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Types of Projects

Students may choose to work on a Research Project or a Project to Build an Application or a Website in the fields of Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Biology, Healthcare, Health Tech, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Bio-engineering, Neuroscience, Statistics, Data Visualization, Data and AI in Marketing, Data and AI in Business, Data and AI in Finance, AI Policy, and many more. As a Mentor, you're encouraged to help your Mentee select a project based on their passion or future Career Choice.


Please describe 3 Projects related to AI or Data Science you would propose to work on with a Mentee. We may choose to publish these project ideas for Students. Mentees can also and are encouraged to propose projects as well. Your project ideas will help us match you with the right mentee.
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Add as many details as possible.
Add as many details as possible.

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Your response may be used in promotion: website, social media, etc
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Create a 1-2 min promotional video that showcases your excitement on being a DataEthics4All's STEAM in AI Research and Build Mentor (please make sure you use the correct Program name in your video), tell them briefly about one of your project ideas and how excited you are to help the mentee explore a career path by working with you as a mentor through this project. Also mention that you welcome student ideas.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to submit your Mentor Application for DataEthics4All's STEAM in AI and Data Science Movement! The DataEthics4All Leadership Team will get back to you shortly to confirm next steps!

If you're having trouble submitting this form, you may email us: shilpi@dataethics4all.org