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Why do we need an AI Educators Council?

There are several reasons why we need AI policy for educators:

Protecting student privacy

AI has the potential to collect and analyze large amounts of data about students, including personal information such as their grades, behavior, and preferences. Educators need clear policies and guidelines on how to collect, store, and use this data while protecting student privacy.

Promoting equity and fairness

AI can introduce biases and perpetuate existing inequalities if not used correctly. Educators need policies that ensure AI is used in a fair and equitable manner, and that decision-making processes are transparent and accountable.

Ensuring ethical use of AI

AI can raise ethical questions and dilemmas, particularly when it comes to issues like student surveillance, data privacy, and bias. Educators need policies that ensure AI is used in an ethical and responsible way, with consideration for its potential impact on students and society as a whole.

Supporting professional development

Educators need training and professional development opportunities to learn how to effectively incorporate AI into their teaching practices. Policies can help ensure that educators have access to the resources and training they need to use AI effectively in the classroom.

Preparing students for the future workforce

AI is rapidly transforming the workplace, and educators have a responsibility to prepare students for this future. Policies can help ensure that students have access to the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a world where AI is increasingly pervasive.
Overall, AI policy for educators is essential to ensure that AI is used in a responsible and ethical manner, with consideration for its impact on students, society, and the future workforce. It can help guide educators in their use of AI, promote equity and fairness, and protect student privacy.
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to develop Policies around AI for Schools, Ethical Data Collection and Usage, Data and AI Ethics Frameworks, Toolkits, Upskilling Educators and Administrators, Increasing Fairness, Reducing Bias and bringing Cognitive Diversity.

AI is evolving rapidly. Banning Generative AI tools is not the answer. We need to create better AI governing policies that are easy to understand, implement and can evolve at the pace of the Industry.

Making sure that data collection is done ethically and student privacy is preserved. Creating a transparent data usage and policy for the school district, educators, classrooms, parents and students.

Upskilling in Data and AI is becoming increasingly important for educators as technology continues to transform the way we live and work. This Council will help educators looking to develop their skills in data and AI.


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Be the Task Force behind the Fair, Transparent and Ethical AI and Data Policies for your school, stay current with the latest Data and AI Trends through peer to peer support, learn new Data and AI skills by participating in Workshops and Events especially designed for you, incorporate Data and AI Ethics into your curriculum, network with a Community of global Data and AI experts, bring exclusive Ethics 1st Data and AI Challenges for your entire Academic Institution.

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A Seat on the AI Educators Council is a great way to showcase your career growth and a great way to demonstrate your professional development and potential for future success.
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