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STEAM in AI program Hero Image explaining what STEAM stands for: Science and Sociology, Technology and Technical Education, Engineering and Ethics, Arts and Analytics, Mathematics and Mentoring, as well as the DataEthics4All Foundation Logo

Online STEM Summer Program for High School Students

Are you a high school student looking for an enriching and challenging summer experience that can prepare you for college and beyond?

Look no further than our STEAM in AI Summer Program!

What is the STEAM in AI program?

Our program was developed by a Stanford Adjunct professor and is designed so that students meet with their mentor – a Data and AI Expert who is working in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, or Math – in a small cohort to learn the fundamentals of data science, the basics of coding, and ethical framework and consideration in Data and AI; some of the most exciting, rapidly growing, and valuable topics in STEAM.

The program will culminate in students having completed an AI project on Github, and having their name as a contributor to their research paper, along with a certificate of completion.

What will the program do for me?

What sets our program apart is its focus on experiential learning.

We believe that hands-on, project-based learning is the best way to prepare students for success.

You will have the opportunity to work on a project that is tailored to your interests and goals, and you will gain practical experience in applying the concepts and skills you will have learnt throughout the course to real-world problems. This approach will help you build the confidence, critical thinking skills, and creativity you need to succeed in any field. Furthermore, our project is a college prep intensive which means it will help students to build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in college and beyond.

We’ve already had success with our program, and if you’d like to hear from a previous mentee, then watch Marcel’s video in which he discusses what motivated him to join the program and his experience throughout.

Additionally, we are proud to offer our program to all high school students, regardless of their experience level or background.

We believe that every student has the potential to succeed in STEAM fields, and we are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment that encourages exploration and growth.

We even offer a needs-based scholarship to ensure that financial barriers do not prevent students from participating.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and prepare for your future! The deadline to apply for the Summer 2023 Cohort is May 15th, so head over to our application page to start your journey with DataEthics4All Foundation into the world of STEAM.

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