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National Robotics Week and Inspiring Children to Explore STEM

This week’s newsletter is all about celebrating National Robotics Week (April 1-16), how you can get involved, what the week does for inspiring young children to join STEM, and how we’re doing the same with our STEAM in AI program!

National Robotics Week, or RoboWeek, is an annual, global initiative aiming “…to inspire students in robotics and STEM-related fields and to share the excitement of robotics with audiences of all ages.”

The three main goals of National Robotics Week are to promote robotics, provide experiences in robotics and STEM, and inspire students with events and activities that “demystify robotics”.

On the National Robotics Week’s website, you can find information about events and resources including educational activities such as robot trading cards, and how to obtain a certificate for taking part in RoboWeek festivities.

National Robotics Week is also important in terms of educating people of all ages about the importance of robotics in our daily lives – it has, and will only continue to, transform many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and transportation.

It also serves as a marked period to highlight the many exciting ways in which robotics can, and already is, improving our lives!

For example, robots are used in surgery to help doctors in performing minimally invasive surgeries, they are also able to perform certain exploration and information retrieval tasks in outer space that would be unsafe for humans to perform, and they can also serve as useful aids in agriculture, helping to carry out labor intensive tasks such as seeding or harvesting.

At DataEthics4All Foundation, we aim to promote Ethics 1st Thinking, which means always having ethics at the forefront of your mind in general, but particularly whilst considering new developments in technology and AI, and how they may impact society and our day to day lives.

Whilst the field of robotics has produced technology which has been massively beneficial and valuable for society, there are also many ethical concerns that need to be considered alongside the design and development of any new technology, including robotic products.

And our STEAM in AI program is a great place to learn how to incorporate ethics into your thinking, whilst also getting a taste of the world of STEM and the exciting career options that it can open for you!

An image explaining the meaning of 'STEAM', it read: S, Science Sociology, T, Technology, Technical Education, E, Engineering, Ethics, A, Arts, Analytics, M, Mathematics, Mentoring. It also has an image of a rocket, and the DataEthics4All Foundation logo.

Our STEAM in AI program partners high school students with a mentor who is either a Data/AI professional or a PhD/Masters student working in STEAM who will guide them through a research project to build an AI application, a website, or a Data Dashboard, in a wide range of fields.

We hope that this program, combined with the achievements of initiatives such as National Robotics Week, can inspire young people to explore STEM and its amazing opportunities!

If this sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested in or might benefit from, then check out the rest of our website, or visit the consultation page to meet and talk with the founder of DataEthics4All Foundation, and the STEAM in AI program, Shilpi.

Content Writer Intern at DataEthics4All Foundation - MPhil Philosophy and AI

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