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I didn’t get much time to learn Coding in High School but am interested in pursuing a Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Marcell Gentles, a High School Senior and a DataEthics4All Foundation STEAM in AI Mentee shares his journey as a High Schooler and his vision for a Career Path in College.

Hi my name is Marcel gentles and I’m a senior at Davis High School

I’ve been interested in computers for as long as I can remember.

They’ve always been the one thing that I couldn’t figure out really how they worked. Like how a Computer so small could do way too many things.

I’ve always been like wow how is this possible so that’s been since I was a little kid like six years old!!

When I was in fifth or sixth grade I started coding in Basic that I taught myself how to code in basic and that was super fun for me but as I started playing basketball year round and took on more responsibilities and kind of just got busier with school and all I was unable to keep doing that so.

Until recently I’ve just been focusing on year-round basketball and other things but now applying to college as an electrical engineering and computer science major, I was inclined to kind of brush up on computer science and computer science topics.

In the DataEthics4All Foundation’s STEAM in AI College Prep Research and Build Program, I’ve been working with a PhD student from UC Santa Barbara as my mentor in a project to build a sentiment analyzer for social media.

The goal of this project is to incorporate really the ethics part of DataEthics4All.

An AI program to help out youth who don’t have parent figures guiding them through this new online age where you can make a tweet or any kind of post that will just be out there forever and is really dangerous especially when you’re trying to get a job or land a position in an office or even in college applications where you see people having their admissions revoked over things they’ve said online.

So, my project is to analyze digital footprints and figure out where people need to go.

We’re building a tool that will basically be the first scan and and notice this stuff before the wrong people notice it!!

So, yeah I’m a couple months now into this project and I’m going to be working on it through June.

It’s a big commitment but I’m really excited to see how it will pay off!!

I will keep you updated on how Marcell’s project is progressing…

In the meantime, if you know of any High School Student who could take advantage of exploring careers in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence through hands on learning, researching or building and working with a Mentor, please ask them to apply for our January cohort of the STEAM in AI Program.

There are many unique Highlights of this Program:

DataEthics4All Foundation’s STEAM in AI Program is designed to raise Ethics 1st Data and AI Champions

through College Prep, Career Mentoring and Experiential Learning!

Highlights of this Program:

Research or Build: Choose to do Research, or Build an iPhone/Android App or work on a Data Science/ Al Challenge in an area of interest. Your Project. Your Choice.

No Prerequisites: No Coding or Research Experience needed to enroll in this Program and is truly designed for all High School Students.

Opening Doors: Making high paying Data and AI careers accessible through hands-on career exploration.

Access to Mentors: 1:1 or Group Career Mentoring in Data and AI by Industry Leaders and College Students.

Role Models: Data and AI Mentors to look up to, admire and aspire to become.

College Applications: Share a great story on your College Applications based on your learning, challenges encountered, and experience gained from this hands on project and stand out.

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