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New Partnership with Topcoder

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Topcoder for our STEAM in AI Mission!

Win-Win-Win all around for Mentees, Mentors and Partners! Big win towards building an equitable and inclusive future Tech workforce!

Shilpi Agarwal, Founder and CEO, DataEthics4AllFoundation

Our newest partnership for our STEAM in AI Mentoring program is with Topcoder!

Partnership Announcement

Topcoder is the world’s largest technology network and on-demand digital talent platform with more than 1.6 million developers, designers, data scientists, and testers around the globe.

Topcoder is innovating through its challenge model in which clients’ requests are broken down into chunks of work that are then made available to Topcoder’s global and diverse community in the form of challenges and tasks. This model is a clear representation of Topcoder’s values and their dedication towards building a diverse workforce, an objective that DataEthics4All Foundation is also dedicated to. 

Happy to announce Topcoder’s partnership with DataEthics4All Foundation…Looking forward to working with you further!

Eric Schwieterman, Head of Partnerships, Topcoder

The DataEthics4All Foundation and Topcoder share many common values – Topcoder also shares our commitment to facilitate access for all to education, offering free access to a wide range of learning resources, from detailed notes on competitive programming and design, to webinars and events to help those interested in joining the field, and to connect like-minded people in their community. 

With all this in mind, we’re very excited to announce our new partnership with Topcoder, and for the benefits that it will bring to all those who sign up for our program!

This partnership will mean that our STEAM in AI Research and Build program, for which we pair high school students with mentors to receive 1:1 mentoring while completing a Research or Coding Project, will be further enriched as we add to our pool of mentors with a community of designers, developers, data scientists and competitive programmers from Topcoder.

DataEthics4All Foundation’s STEAM in AI is a College Prep Research and Build Program for High School Students that provides Experiential Learning and Career Mentoring by College Students in the fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and STEAM that they’d perhaps pursue as a career.

Our definition of STEAM has been expanded from the traditional definition to include not only Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths, but also Sociology, Technical Education, Ethics, Analytics, and Mentoring. We hope that the inclusion of these subjects will raise awareness and make available more non-linear pathways into careers in STEAM.

We want our students to be aware of these options so that they can dream of and achieve a career in STEAM whether or not their passion lies in Math, Science, or Coding.

AI is going to be used in every industry in the future from healthcare to construction and everything in between. DataEthics4All Foundation believes that combining the traditional with this new definition of STEAM will bring the much-needed STEAM in AIᵀᴹ!!

If you’re a high school student who is interested in gaining the skills fundamental to work in the field of STEAM, or just gaining a taste of what you could expect in your chosen career path, explore the rest of our website and book a consultation with the DataEthics4All founder to find out more.

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