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Announcement for the STEAM in AI College Prep Program Open House on Friday, the 30th of September

Join Us for the STEAM in AI College Prep Program Open House

Attending college can be an amazing experience, providing the chance to broaden our horizons, meet new people and gain knowledge and skills in a variety of areas. But getting there can be challenging.

From figuring out what you want to study and where, all the way through the entire application process, entering college can easily become a long and extraneous journey.

As a response, we launched the STEAM in AI College Prep Program, which connects students with professionals in STEAM fields that mentor them as they develop an original project.

By connecting with professionals working in their area of interest, students can learn more about that field, colleges, and majors. They’ll get the chance to discover more about conventional and non-conventional career paths that they could pursue in the future and receive important guidance to help them throughout their journey.

As they’re given free rein to conduct their original project, students gain a more realistic experience of what working in their field of interest is like, allowing them to not only make a more informed decision about their future but also to stand out in their college applications.

More than just reading our articles and going through our website, we wanted to offer students and their parents or guardians the opportunity to hear directly from us and ask any questions.

We’re proud to announce that on Friday, the 30th of September, we’ll be hosting the STEAM in AI College Prep Open House online.

This will be available for anyone who wants to join, without commitment.

If your high school student is interested in or would consider pursuing a career in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, or any of the STEAM fields, join us on Friday to hear from our founder Shilpi Agarwal.

In the meantime, explore our website to read about the STEAM in AI Research and Build Program. You can also read our new College Prep-related articles, exploring topics such as choosing a major, now available on our blog.

Come Join Us!

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